62nd North District Court

A lawyer may be needed for any multitude of reasons. One reason someone may need an attorney with expertise is personal injury. Sometimes people are hurt  and are forced to seek medical help from a doctor. These doctors often under diagnose the person’s problems just so the insurance company will not pay out the benefits. When such an unfair […]

September 24, 2014 News In Law
Scott Miller

Every day across the united states, couples decide to end their relationships with each other. When this happens, the topic of divorce often arises. It can often be hard for people to come to a resolution regarding their finances. One way to help deal with this legal problem is to hire a divorce lawyer. People who live in […]

April 17, 2014 News In Law
Scott Miller

Expungement law protects those charged with crimes that may effect their public record.. These crimes can vary in charges but all have a lasting effect for a clients future in society. The different cases info can be erased in view of  public records and they will not be visible in common situations. An expungement is an order from a judge for […]

December 10, 2013 News In Law
Scott Miller
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